Many agencies fail to understand why they can't grow on a specific market and that's always due to mistakes or lack of consistency. There are amazing agencies that are struggling to get clients and there are average agencies that are overflowing with work, so what is the difference ? What is your agency missing to bring in new potential clients ? 

1. You are not focused on a specific niche

This is probably one of the hardest to accept because it might seem that if you focus on just a specific niche you are reducing your audience, but that is not entirely true. If your niche is Health as for example, you already know that the chances of your agency being hired by a dental clinic is much higher, because they know that is where your agency is efficient and has experience, other than contacting an agency that " does it all " which just seems kinda of desperate. Niche clients usually bring more money to the table since they get really specific on what they need.

"If everybody is doing it one way, there's a good chance you can find your niche by going exactly in the opposite direction."

2. You are not spending money on advertisement

It doesn't matter how old or big your agency is, if you target the right audience with the right budget you could be getting more clients than you could actually need. This is where it's critical to highlight the importance of niching again. Now it doesn't mean that you will find your audience at the first try, many people spend thousands of dollars before they start making more money than they spend on ads. So start on a low budget and slowly scale your business with google adwords and social media ads.

“Be analytical and creative, finding different ways to look at results that make the most sense for your particular account,” says Jacob Brown, an Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing.

3. Concepts won't get you high ticket clients

If you are always working hard on concepts to create a beautiful portfolio, it's important to be aware that is not what makes potential costumers care of. Many big companies they are facing real problems, and they are looking for agencies that could solve them problems, so a nice landing page concept designed on Figma in 2 hours will not be enough to make their minds. You actually need to write case studies on how you solved real problems and increased the numbers of a certain company or campaign.

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

4. You are not giving social media the attention it needs

A big share of income of many agencies come from client acquisition trough social media platforms, specially Linked In and Instagram. Linked In is the ultimate connection tool out there, it's incredibly powerful when it comes to connecting people, specially in business, so you should be out there. All you need is a bit of Linked In SEO knowledge and you could be increasing the chances of client acquisition trough social platforms.

“The first rule of social media is that everything changes all the time. What won’t change is the community’s desire to network.”

5. You are not consistent

All of the 4 previous points are really powerful, but only when you are consistent at them. So if you tried all of the points mentioned and didn't get any results that only means you were not consistent enough at it, because there is no secret out there, there is only hard work and risk, so if you want to growing your agency then you should work on it non stop !

“Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”

Published on:

Monday, August 31, 2020